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The election is over... can this country now come together?
Follow our journey as this great country heals as one.
We just had a very divisive election with the two most disliked candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Emotions are raw and neither side seems to want to concede.  We see it at college protests, city streets are being overrun, city halls shut down.  This is just the beginning of a 4 year story of how our citizens will either pull together or become more entrenched in their dislike of each others opinions.  We feel that America is at a crossroads and we are going to  chronicle  it as we see it here during our travels.  So pull up a virtual chair and join us as we travel this great country .  We start our journey as 4 wide-eyed people open to seeing how people will be reacting to a Trump presidency.  What will Hillary do now?  Will we regain our place as the world's leader... or will we drift into isolation.  Will new prosparity be ours... or will we just keep "getting by".  It will be an amazing journey!

  1. Our Aims
    Our Aims
    We are going to use this website to record our journey's across this great country. The places and the people.
  2. Our Articles
    Our Articles
    Read our posts as we travel and meet a wide variety of Americans with varied backgrounds.
  3. Our Team
    Our Team
    These are the people that will be bringing you the articles as they relate their experiences.